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Antonín Dvořák – Life and Work



Pages: 174, illustrated.

Jarmil Burghauser, 1921–1997, was a Czech composer, conductor, choirmaster, musicologist, writer and organiser. Today he is perhaps best known for his work in the cataloguing of Dvořák’s compositions, most notably the preparation of the monumental Thematic Catalogue (1960, 2nd edition 1996). Like many composers, Dvořák gave his works opus numbers, but in his case these can be an unreliable guide to the date of composition. Due to the composer’s complicated relationship with his publisher, early works were sometimes given late opus numbers and vice versa. Burghauser paid great attention to this aspect of cataloguing and that is why in many modern catalogues of Dvořák’s works you will find that each composition is allocated a B(urghauser) number. For example the wonderful D minor Wind Serenade is Op 44 (B 77). That is the method Peter Herbert of The Dvořák Society used in preparing our own publication Antonín Dvořák – Complete Catalogue of Works … more >.

Burghauser found time to write two short biographies of Dvořák, in 1966 and 1985. Both were intended for a broader musical public than his more specialised publications. The 1985 book was published in an English translation for the first time in 2007, and that is the version that we offer here.


Jarmil Burghauser

Edited by Milan Pospíšil

Translated by David R Beveridge




Koniasch Latin Press, 2007