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Dvořák – Symphonies and Concertos



Pages: 71

BBC Music Guides are a series planned to give the layman an overall view of the subject, showing how particular works came to be written, their significance in the general history of the genre, and how the form was developed by the composer in question.

In this Guide, Robert Layton (a former Senior Music Producer for BBC Radio) examines the growth of Dvořák’s symphonic personality and discusses each of the nine symphonies. He also considers the achievement of the three concertos — for cello, violin and piano. From the author’s introduction …

“… he [Dvořák] must be numbered after Schubert and along with his friend and contemporary Tchaikovsky as the most natural melodist of the nineteenth century. The fund of melodic invention on which he could call seems inexhaustible …”


Robert Layton




Ariel Music/BBC Books, 1987 (this edition)