JanÁČek in

Leoš Janáček in photographs



Pages: 407 (195 plates)

This book brings together the complete collection of the composer’s photographs that the authors were able to assemble from different sources, mainly from the Moravian Museum. The division into 13 chapters is made in most cases according to places. It includes both official and private pictures, as well as portraits and photos of groups, family, etc. There are 195 photos of Janáček from the years 1874 to 1928. Amongst these are portraits from the studios of Drtikol and Langhans as well as photos of the composer with distinguished figures such as Jan Masaryk, Alfons Mucha, Otto Klemperer and Karel Kovařovic. There is also a detailed catalogue of all published photographs, and information on photographers where available. There are 407 pages.


Svatava Přibánová and Jiři Zahrádka


Czech and English


Moravské zemské museum, Brno, 2008