Joining the Dvořák Society and subscription rates

To join the Dvořák Society

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Annual Subscription Rates for the Dvořák Society

The rates are shown in the three tables below. Subscriptions for renewal of membership are due on 1 January each year. For new members there are special provisions, which vary according to the date of joining the Society.

united kingdom residents
1. Individual Membership £26.00
2. Joint Membership (two people at the same address with single mailing) £30.00
3. Individual Concessions (age 65+ or full-time student or registered unemployed) £20.00
4. Joint Concessions (both must be age 65+ or full-time student or registered unemployed) £23.00
5. Corporate (profit-making) £50.00
6. Corporate (non-profit-making) £25.00
New Individual or Joint Members
1. Individual — joining date 1 January to 1 October £19.50
2. Individual — joining after 1 October (this price also covers membership for the whole of the following year) £26.00
3. Joint — joining date 1 January to 1 October £22.50
4. Joint — joining after 1 October (this price also covers membership for the whole of the following year) £30.00
5. Individual Concessions — joining date 1 January to 1 October £15.00
6. Individual Concessions — joining after 1 October (this price also covers membership for the whole of the following year) £20.00
Overseas Residents
Annual Mail Supplement — please add £10 to the above rates for all overseas addresses

We offer special arrangements for corporate bodies and similar organisations. Please ask the Corporate Membership Secretary ( for details.

How to pay for Membership of the Dvořák Society

 CURRENCY   Payment must be in GB£ not Euros.

 WAYS TO PAY   You can pay by:

but we are not able to accept direct payments by Credit or Debit cards.

 OVERSEAS PAYMENTS   The easiest payment method if you like outside the United Kingdom is to use PayPal, which incurs no extra charge. For details of how this works please see PayPal. If this is not possible, please contact the Membership Secretary.

 PAYMENTS FOR OTHER DVOŘÁK SOCIETY SERVICE   Your payments for subscriptions and other Society services can be combined into one for your convenience.

 UK PAYMENTS   It is a great help if subscriptions are paid by Banker’s Order, and all UK subscribers who are UK taxpayers are asked to complete the Gift Aid Form.

Why Gift Aid?

If you pay by Gift Aid, it makes your donation worth far more and cost you nothing extra. Your tax position is unaffected.

Please Note—if you do not pay Income Tax in the U.K., then you can not use Gift Aid.

Please note that the Gift Aid Form by itself is not authority for payment. This has to be separately arranged.

Why Banker’s Order?

Application Check-list

After you have joined

On receipt of your application form and payment, you will be sent a “New Member’s Pack” containing some recent publications, the Society's current Yearbook, and various other information.

As a member, your view, opinions, ideas and contributions to events or publications will be more than welcome. We pride ourselves in generating an atmosphere in which all participating people and organisations are not just members but friends.

No one should feel left out of the Society. It has always been centred around its publications, Czech & Slovak Music, and the Newsletter, with the chance to join in at special events and Society concerts as a bonus.

Events, other than the fixed annual ones, are mounted as the opportunity presents itself. Once again, the initiatives of members are gratefully accepted when appropriate. Please contact a Committee member with any suggestions, ideas or questions.

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