Founded 1974
Jiří Bělohlávek
Graham Melville-Mason
Antonín Dvořák III
Radomil Eliška
Markéta Hallová
Miloš Jurkovič
Radoslav Kvapil
Alena Němcová
Zuzana Růžičková

Dvořák Society Newsletters

      Members of the Dvořák Society receive a quarterly Newsletter. This is a substantial A4-size publication of about 30 pages. Each issue of the Newsletter is very much what the Society’s members make it. Regular contributions are made by the officers of the Society and there is, of course, an editor. But any member may submit material to the Editor for inclusion. For music lovers and practitioners, the result is a valuable resource containing information about a wide range of Czech and Slovak musical matters. For example there are—

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Extracts from Recent Newsletters

The full texts of Newsletters are available only to Dvořák Society members. However, to give non-members something of the flavour of the publication, we have posted one complete article from each recent Newsletter —   

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