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Václav Talich, 1883–1961



Pages: 170, illustrated.

The influence of the great Czech conductor Václav Talich was felt not only in his homeland where, among otehr things, he conducted the première of Janáček’s Sinfonietta on 26 June 1926. Through Charles Mackerras who studied in Prague, Talich’s Czech repertoire was exported to Western Europe and beyond, where it had a profound effect. This book is a tribute to the great conductor and has more than two dozen photographs and other illustrations. After a foreword by Sir Charles Mackerras, the first part of the book (72 pages) is devoted to the career of Talich and consists of:

  • Antonín Dvořák and Václav Talich: by Víta Dejmalová
  • Letters to Charles Mackerras: by Václav Talich
  • Memories of my Teacher: by Jiří Stárek
  • Václav Talich Remembered: by Miloslav Zdražil
  • Reminiscences of Talich: by Zdeněk Bílek
  • Recording with Talich: by Josef Shejbal
  • Talich’s Recording of Suk’s Zrání: by Zdeněk Bílek
  • Biographical Chronology: by Patrick Lambert
  • Defence of Activity During the Nazi Occupation: by Václav Talich

and the second part is a discography.



General Editor: Graham Slater




The Dvořák Society for Czech and Slovak Music, 2003

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