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Dvořák Society Library, Vilém Tauský Recorded Archive and Members’ Record Service


The Dvořák Society has a collection of publications, recordings and scores. Historically this material has been stored in the home of the Librarian and made available for loan to Society members. The Society has also made this available to others: namely bona fide students, researchers and other specialists.

In the last few years there has been a tremendous growth in the volume of our Library material (in the main, thanks to the very generous donations of many members). The result of this is that the total volume of items is now more than can be expected of any one member to adequately house and administer.

The Society’s collection of publications, recordings and scores formerly held in the basement of Glamorgan Records Office, Cathays Park, Cardiff University have now been moved to Egham, to the Depository of Senate House Library. As reported at the 2017 Annual General Meeting the National Committee received positive news at the end of 2016 that Senate House Acquisitions Panel had agreed to accept the Society’s Collection and Archive. The relocation was completed at the end of June 2017. Senate House is centrally located and offers facilities for showcasing some of the collection and a meeting space.

Matters such as a cataloguing timetable have yet to be finalised. The key principles of access for members and the wider research community will be maintained. However, for the moment the collection remains closed both to members and public until further notice. For any enquiries with regard to the Society’s holdings please contact the Secretary by email or in writing.

The Society is most grateful for the generous donation of material to the Library from many people and organisations.

It is important that the collection continues to develop and to this end, large quantities of additional materials have been added to the collection in the last few years. Other collections have been willed to the Society.

We anticipate that the Society’s archive and collection, comprising books, papers, recordings, objects and ephemera will prove to be an invaluable source of information on Czech and Slovak music.

Please contact the Secretary for further information and new donations.

Vilém Tauský Archive Collection

F The Dvořák Society is making available on CD certain historic recorded performances, conducted by Vilém Tauský CBE FGSM, to be known as the Vilém Tauský Archive Collection. This venture will be used to raise money for the Society’s Scholarship Fund.

Born on 20 July 1910 in Přerov, central Moravia, the composer, conductor and teacher Vilém Tauský was a much loved and respected Vice-President of the Dvořák Society. Along with the late Sir Charles Mackerras (a former President of the Society), he probably did as much as anyone to bring Czech music to the attention of British music lovers in the post-war period.

Member’s Record Service

F To raise funds for charitable activities, the Dvořák Society offers members a record sales service. Because the Society is run by volunteers, no profits from these sales go to pay salaries.

For further information about the Record Service, please contact Bill Marsden (Record Service Administrator). The address is—

32, Blundell Drive,

Telephone: 01704 564 025 (outside the UK: +44 1704 564 025)